Top 10 Reasons I Participate in the LEEF Mudstacle…

Top 10 reasons I participate in the LEEF Mudstacle…

10. The race is in Cedar Park, so I don’t have to drive to Southeast Austin to participate.

9. I have choices… I can walk, run, or somewhere in between.

8. I love getting new t-shirts for “free”!

7. I got to donate my shoes instead of taking them home and cleaning them.

6. The obstacles gave me a chance to work muscles I didn’t know I had.

5. I can throw mud at people without any consequences.

4. The selfie camera set up at the Finish Line was my daughter’s favorite.

3. Bubbles… need I say more?!

2. The kid in me loves to get muddy!

1. I love, love, love seeing my students and their families being active and “playing” together!


Kids Say the Funniest Things

As I was walking out with a class of 3 and 4 year olds to go see the eclipse, I enjoyed many entertaining conversations.  But, this was my favorite…

A very cute, smart 3 year old was explaining to me that her mom works at our school.

She said, “My mom’s name is Jim.”

I giggled and replied, “No, silly.  Your mom’s name is April! I’m pretty sure your dad’s name is Jim.”

She smiled and shrugged her shoulders.  “Oh yeah.”

LOL. Kids are the best!


It’s almost time… it is August, and school is coming around again.

Let’s start this school year off right!  Please, remind your kids to…

choose kind

Wants some ideas? You can click here for resources!

See you very soon.

Etiquette: Seeing Teachers in Public

You and your child go to the grocery store.  As you come down the aisle, your child realizes that their teacher is there as well… with a shopping cart… outside of their classroom… in YOUR grocery store.  What should you do?

You could:

  1. Start walking the other way.
  2. Walk on past like you don’t even see them.
  3. Follow them around the store like a stalker.
  4. Start screaming their name over and over again.
  5. Hide while you check out what is in their grocery cart to post later on Facebook.
  6. Get the teacher’s attention. Then, proceed having an impromptu parent/teacher conference right there in the store.
  7. Say “Hello!” Exchange pleasantries, and be on your way.

The CORRECT answer is #7.  Say hello, because teachers are people, too. Although I have experienced all of these, I enjoy saying hi (and I saw you coming down the aisle, too, so hiding won’t work).  Please, don’t start a running commentary about how many Go, Slow, and Whoa foods are in my cart. I like Whoa foods, too! And, even though we aren’t friends on Facebook, don’t post about me.  I have friends that are your friends, and they tell me. That is not very nice.  Just treat me like any other acquaintance or neighbor (that you like) when you see me in the grocery store.

Then, on Monday, your child and I will begin the ritual of telling each other, “I saw you at the grocery store.”

“Guess what?!  I saw you, too!”

We will continue to have this conversation for at least two weeks – maybe longer if it suits us.  It will be a happy moment we will share – possibly even be a status of achievement. “I saw Coach Newberry on Saturday!”

With all of that said, I’m sure the next time I go out in public having a bad hair day, I will see many of your smiling faces… and, I’ll smile right back! =)

Have a great rest of your summer and see you out there!

-Coach Newberry

Before School Starts…

What do you need to know before school starts?

1. You must wear tennis shoes to P.E.
    You can wear them to school or bring them in your backpack to wear just for P.E.
2. To sit out of P.E., you must have a signed noted from a doctor or parent.
That’s it for now!  See you August 28th.